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when you stay spun

uncut-virgin-deactivated2014101 asked: Why did you sell your s5?


Cuz we had no money and no drugs and my phone was the only valuable thing I had so i sold it. Worst idea ever…

— 3 weeks ago

Where do I start?????

Haven’t had tweak in over a month, so pills become my best friend. After pawning my fucking s5 the money would make my boyfriend happy(which it didn’t) leaving me stuck with a beyond fucked up Windows 8 phone. Uhm, I cry everyday, my boyfriend doesn’t get why I’m so depressed (half the time I don’t either). I’m just stuck in this rut that I feel I won’t ever get out of. It sucks, but the only person who can change the situation I’m in is me. Didn’t want this post to be all pity me, just letting yall know I’m still alive, if anyone cares to know.

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if you have swag like this

how do i like my own post on this site 

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I wanna serenade you with songs about butts.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

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